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With our flagship store being open in 2016, Bridal Gallery Couture is our next venture in the bridal industry. Ellie and our team of experts have over 20 years of experience in the bridal industry. Ensuring the highest level of customer service, as well as attention to detail, our skilled team will guide you towards your perfect bridal look. We look forward to being a part of your special day and helping you become a one of a kind bride.



Store Owner

Ellie aka Cinderella, is the one that makes it all happen! With 30+ years experience with apparel, she is a true talent and visionary. She loves a challenge and bringing a bride's vision to life... even the most unique requests! Her advice to brides is to "Trust us and trust the process. This is what we do. We will bring your vision together and everything will be perfect!" When she isn't running two locations, sewing, cleaning or cooking, Ellie loves interior design. Her current project is a landscaping overhaul in our Downtown location. She can see every detail in her mind and then bring it to life!



Gallery Supervisor & Merchandise Buyer

Hi! I’m Anna!

I recently moved here from New Jersey and am soaking up the sun! I love my cat, walking in my new hometown of Celebration, and Disney! I would say that I am sweet natured and passionate, especially after spending 17+ years in the Bridal Industry. I’ve gotten to know pretty much every side of Bridal from styling, to gown buying and sales! All in all, my favorite thing is styling brides and assisting and coaching the stylists! Speaking of, I feel very passionately about our team and the talent they offer. Having a team of professional stylists is not the norm. We’ve chosen this field as a livelihood. With the variety of inventory that we have, and the stellar team, Bridal Gallery Couture is genuinely one-of-a-kind! Some days are longer than others though & sometimes you just need to unwind! So when I’m taking a break from work, I get excited about going home to a calm space where I can burn incense, play music and cook. From all my years in bridal I would want brides to know that you should be shopping for a “feeling!”. It might be the first dress, the 3rd, 5th or 15th. When you feel it, don’t keep shopping, you’ve found “the one!” Enjoy the special moment and celebrate!

Happy Wedding Planning, Anna


Fashion Director

Heyyy, It’s Yram (pronounced “eye-rum”;) I'm an over the top, fun, loyal and free spirited foodie that loves everything Disney.

I’ve been living the dream in Bridal for 11 years now following a career as a professional dancer working at theme parks and cruise lines. I’ve traveled the world three times, and been to every continent! I fell in love with Bridal after watching “Say Yes to The Dress” during my recovery from an injury sustained during one of my last performance as a dancer. Though my dancing days were put behind me, my best days styling brides lay ahead of me. I live for the feeling I get when my brides say “yes”... it brings me so much joy!

Getting to live out that moment over and over is all the more special that I get to enjoy it with my Bridal Gallery Family! What really makes us different is that we are so passionate and sell the experience first, and then the dress follows.

Love, Yram


Tech Assistant/Stylist

Hi! I'm Sam. I love all things glam, sparkly, rhinestones, crowns and tiaras. I am the drama. I am a venti Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappucino with extra caramel crunch topping, extra caramel drizzle, line the cup with caramel. Sugary sweet.

I love to craft and make beautiful things out of anything I can get my hands on.

I'm also a tech and sci-fi enthusiast, enjoy hiking and working out, and am a huge advocate of mental health and good communication. I will be your biggest hype girl!

My favorite part about Bridal Gallery is our team. Each member of our team is so unique, but we all intersect at the crossroads of Highly Fashionable and Commitment to the Bride.

I have worked for major theme parks across Florida, been an engineer, worked for a sports team and other jobs here and there, and nowhere else have I found a more dedicated team of people.

Not only will you find your dream wedding dress here, you will fall in love with the experience at Bridal Gallery Couture.




I'm originally from Baton Rouge, LA. I spent 2 years in the medical field in ophthalmology, which was NOT for me! I applied at a locally owned bridal shop & instantly fell in love with my job. I started 3 months before my own wedding & never left! It has given me more happiness in my life than I could have imagined.  My favorite thing about bridal is the brides! I have a massive heart for brides & their journey to finding that magical unique gown that will be THE dress for that special day. And trends, obsessed with all the new trends especially 3D florals! I pride myself in my connection with brides & people in general. I instantly want to connect with every bride I work with & I am notorious for continuing friendships with my brides. Some of my favorite things are Disney, Harry Potter, Wine, Coffee, Theatre/Broadway, & Vintage Style...and, of course, my family. A piece of advice I would give to my brides is "always choose each other, no matter what happens & no matter the hard times, continuously choose one another each day." Every morning I always choose my husband above anything else & it has given me a pretty amazing marriage.



Hi! I’m Shea! I’m a recent graduate from UCF with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Psychology. I’ve started my bridal career right here approximately 2 years ago! My favorite thing about the Bridal Gallery is without a doubt all my coworkers.

From the Fashion Director, Yram, being my mentor in sales, to the owner Ellie, being generous and introducing me to the world of bridal, I have everyone to thank for making everyday easier.

When I’m not at work I love to read, (currently in love with Sci-Fi fiction) trying new foods, and travel! I have so many memories working here at the Bridal Gallery, but I can’t wait to make helping you find your dream dress, one of them!

With Love, Shea