Top 6 Tips for Finding a Mother of The Bride Dress

Top 6 Tips for Finding a Mother of The Bride Dress. Mobile Image

Nov 14, 2019

Wedding bells are ringing and everyone is focused on getting the beautiful Bride to the church on time, but what about the moms? Its a special day for the parents too, as they send off their sons and daughters to be married. And lets face it, these are your family photos for a while, so even moms want to look their best on wedding day!  Heres our top tips for Mothers of the Bride as they pick out their own dress.

Consult the Bride

This might seem obvious but it needs to be said. Ask the Bride what she has in mind for your dress. Dont purchase anything without asking her opinion first. She has been dreaming of this day for almost as long as you have, and she might have a vision for how your attire goes along with her theme.

Compliment the Wedding Party 

The Brides theme leads us to this tip; compliment the wedding party. Complimenting should not mean matching. For instance, if the wedding color is Navy, you might want to consider a lighter shade of blue. Remember, youll all be taking photos together so you want to coordinate, but not blend in with the rest of the bridesmaids. 

Consider The Venue

Will the wedding be indoors, outdoors, fancy, rustic? All of those things can help you decide what length and style you should look for in your dress. 

Confer With The Mother Of The Groom

Old tradition says that the Mother of the Bride should buy her dress first, and then inform the Mother of The Groom about what she has purchased, this way they dont clash and the Mother of The Bride gets first pick. While you dont have to follow that tradition, it is nice to reach out and let her know what youre thinking and to make sure you both compliment the party. Plus its an easy way to start a conversation and get to know her!


Cant find something that feels exactly right? This is a fun chance to add accessories like shawls, capes, belts, jewelry, purses and clutches, and more! 

Make it Part of the Planning Fun

Lastly, you dont want to take the spotlight away from the bride, but having a special shopping trip to find your dress could be a way to make wedding planning fun! We love when moms and brides come into our store together. You can both try on dresses and get a feel for how your look will go together on the big day!  Come on in and see us and let us take the guesswork out of finding a dress perfect for the celebration!